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Ted Seth Jacobs

In found memory of world-renowned artist Ted Seth Jacobs. Please rest in peace, and know that your work will live on. The instruction and knowledge you shared has created some of the best artists of our time. The Bay Area Classical Artist Atelier is proud to have known, learned from, and hosted Ted’s work shops at BACAA Studios in California and at Ted’s Ecole Albert Defois Bellevue Studio in France.

Taught at BACAA Restructured Realism Programs:
2007, 2008, 2009, 2010

Taught with BACAA at Ted’s Ecole Albert Defois Bellevue Studio Restructured Realism Programs:
2014, 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018

Ted Seth Jacobs world-renowned draftsman, painter, and art teacher, with more than 60 years of professional practice behind him. He is the author of three books on the arts, Light for the Artist (1986) Drawing with an Open Mind (1985) and Dictionary of human form, (2009)

Ted Jacobs taught at the Art Students League 1946, he was one the founding faculties in New York Academy of Art and the Fashion Institute of Technology. In 1987 founded his school Ecole Albert Defois Vihiers, France.

In 2004, he taught a series of lectures at Studio Incamminati, in Philadelphia, PA. His lectures were about representing human structure and action. He is the author of A Dictionary of Human Form. He has had more than sixty one-man exhibitions, in New York City, Boston, Washington DC, Biarritz and elsewhere. He has received countless notable commissions in all genres: portrait, mural, landscape, and still-life, and received numerous awards and prizes for his work. He is renowned for his strong influence on two generations of artist-draftsmen, and artist-teachers, including: Anthony Ryder, Jacob Collins, and Michael Grimaldi, Andrew Reiss, Dennis Cheaney, Michelle Tully, Timothy Stotz, Linda Dulaney among many others. Ted Jacobs’ studio-residence in Les Cerqueux sous Passavant, France is listed on the national registry of museums, and houses much of his work from 1985 onwards.

Ted Seth Jacobs

Mes IllusionsLes Cerqueux sous Passavant

49310 France

Website/ www.bwwsociety.org/gallery/tedsethjacobs.htm

Website/ www.artrenewal.org/articles/2002/Dictionary/form1.asp

NB/ All work done only from life or imagination. No photographic aids ever employed.

Born 11th June 1927


1943 Art Diploma, Long Beach High School NY.

1943 Studied at The Art Students League of New York (ASL)

Instructors/ Dumond, Zorach, Reilly, Sternberg.

Painting, Drawing, Sculpture.

BACAA of Clody-Demo 12/08

 Books by Ted Seth Jacobs:
Drawing with an Open Mind

Light for the Artist

A Dictionary of Human Form

Drawing with an Open Mind


The Art of Ted Seth Jacobs

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