Patricia Watwood


Patricia Watwood

Taught at BACAA 2011

Patricia Watwood has exhibited at galleries and institutions worldwide such as Hirschl & Adler and Forbes Gallery in NYC, Galerie Albert Benamou in Paris, and John Pence in San Francisco. Museum shows include the Oglethorpe, Arnot, Joseloff, Bruce, and Dahesh. Artistic success, for Watwood, was born out of natural talent and her diligent studies, having earned an MFA with Honors from New York Academy of Art and studying with Jacob Collins of the Water Street Atelier, and Ted Seth Jacobs at the Ecole Albert Defois in France.

Watwood states, “Formal training is the indispensable underpinning of my practice. I seek to follow and build upon the artistic intelligence and traditions of the past, and bring them anew to my own generation.” Watwood’s style is Contemporary Classicism, which combines classical painting techniques with the language of representation. Representation (painting recognizable objects) makes our common visual language a means of communication between viewer and artist, and the painting can become like a poem that the viewer reads and relates to their own experience.

A survey of Watwood’s paintings from 2000-present can be seen this October to December 2011 in a solo show at the St. Louis University Museum of Art, entitled “Patricia Watwood: Myths & Individuals”. The show travels to the Forbes Gallery in NYC for exhibit ion February to April 2012.

Aside from studio painting, Watwood has been an adjunct professor of drawing at New York Academy of Art and has given lectures and workshops across the country with Teaching Studios of Art, BACAA, the Portrait Society of America, and Studio Incamminati. She is a writer and blog contributor for American Artist and Artist Daily publications.

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