Carl Dobsky March 2020

Portrait Painting Workshop

March 5-9, 2020
Hours: 10:45-5:00 p.m.
Lunch 1:30-2:15 p.m.

BACAA Carl Dobsky Registration


Over the course of the workshop, fundamental principles of proportion, design, light, form, and color will be addressed with a focus on their specific application to portraiture.  In the beginning stages consideration will be given to composition and selection of views that will enhance the dramatic element of the picture. Strategies to that end will be discussed while quick sketches will be used to explore different solutions that will help to bring a sense of the sitter’s character and personality to the lightning. After the pose has been settled on, a drawing focusing on the likeness of the model will be made using a “block-in” method. Attention will be given to proportion and accuracy of shapes, as well as the underlying structures and forms of the head. When the block-in is finished, it will be transferred to a canvas using an oil transfer technique. There will also be a brief discussion of materials and their uses. The first pass of the painting will be an ebauche where the entire subject is treated together as a whole. Special attention will be given to relation of values and colors to give an estimate of the finished picture. Layout of the palette and color mixing will be discussed. Subsequent sessions will be used to work towards completion of the portrait. Various elements such as form, light, edges, color, and other visual phenomenon will be discussed as they arise.

Carl Dobsky is a figurative painter currently living and working in the Los Angeles area. His work is grounded in traditional forms of representation while still incorporating contemporary elements. Dobsky earned a B.F.A from Ringling College of Art and Design and an M.F.A from the New York Academy of Art. Beyond education at these institutions, he also studied classical approaches to drawing and painting at the Water Street Atelier in Brooklyn, NY. He has exhibited throughout the U.S. and in Europe. His work can be found in both private and public collections including the New Britain Museum of Art and the Seven Bridges Foundation. Dobsky previously taught at BACAA in 2010 & 2011.

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