Saturday Drawing and Painting Private sessions By Appointment- Taught by Linda Dulaney-New

Portrait of Matt by Linda Dulaney, Accepted Triton Museum Statewide COMPETITION Dec 2014 & Finalist ARC 2012 International COMPETITION

New 2019 Semi Private Class.
Drawing, Structure Class. 

Fall Classes:
(8) classes October 5, 12, 26,  November 2, 16, 23, 30, Dec 14, 2019
No Class on October 19
No Class on Nov 9, 2019

Hours: 1:30-4:30 p.m. 

Call or email to schedule

Instructor: Linda Dulaney 

BACAA Linda Dulaney Private Sessions Registration

Beginners to advanced all levels welcome. 

Please Email or call to schedule your private sessions

Learn about Structure 

Learn about Light effects on the Form
Learn about Value and color
Learn how model and turn the form
Slow method 

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All levels welcome

For Information
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Contact number: 650-832-1544

We conduct all of our sessions during the daytime hours. As we work with natural light.
Hours:  Email or call to schedule your time

Cost: (8) Classes $850. (3 Hours per class one-on-one) 24 hours total Live Model Long Pose not recommended for beginners.

One sessions includes model fee (class may have other students working independently and uninstructed. 

BACAA Linda Dulaney Private Sessions Registration

All tuition fees are non refundable and non transferable

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“I also wanted to share with you that I used the concept of reference points in the lessons that I taught to my beginning art students, most of whom were certain that they had never drawn before and doubted they could ever draw. In one week, everyone was drawing beautifully from observation! I made the connection to looking at constellations… stars. I had them just draw constellations like the “Big Dipper” and others from projections on a screen and we could just focus on seeing relationships and proportions and measuring of relative distances between points and alignments. They got it! then when we gradually moved over to “filling in the details of images”, the kids had the skills to find their way. Thank you!!! Your gift of teaching me has come through to 30 young people!” Liz.

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