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Tony Ryder Figure Painting Workshop

Non-Symbolic Figure Paintingss

A very rare opportunity to study figure painting with Tony

Enrollment now open.
This workshop was quite popular please enroll to hold your spot.

August 5-August 16, 2019


Hours: 10:45-5:15 p.m 

Lunch: 1:30 p.m -2:15 p.m.

BACAA Tony Ryder 2019 Registration Form (PDF)

Non-symbolic painting represents what we see with our eyes, not substituting ideograms, like present day ‘emojis’. In learning to paint non-symbolically we develop an understanding of the building blocks of visual experience: the form of things, and the light by means of which we see this form. We become aware of the fact that in all of nature in general, in particular the human figure,  there is a certain wonderfully beautiful kind of formal structure about which there has for centuries been a special knowledge and language.

We who practice the art of painting from life study this knowledge. 

Form painting is a way of painting that is one with the understanding of form and light. It is a methodical way of processing and representing our perception of the appearance of the model. Through the agency of light, a great quantity of information shines from the model. In form painting we learn how to format and sequentialize that information, and bring it into our painting one brushstroke at a time.  

In this figure painting workshop Tony demonstrates form painting on a toned ground, beginning with a medium-value ochre brush drawing. He illustrates the block-in and refinement of the drawing. He shows and explains how he sees, mixes and applies colors. He explains and demonstrates the logic of the method of painting from dark to light. He describes in great detail the forms of the head, their fluid shapes, convex surfaces and how they fit together. He shows how he builds the painting from the drawing up, again and again with each form, unified by the perception of the organization of the form of the model and the coherent action of the light. 

Cost: $1350 Summer 2019 (10 Days)
Cost: $2100 for Combined Figure Drawing and Painting (15 Days)

BACAA Tony Ryder 2019 Registration Form (PDF)

Registration form/Terms and conditions must be signed and emailed prior to payment. 

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Figure Painting

Combined Drawing and Painting

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We do not accept cash.

All tuition is non-refundable and non-transferable. 

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