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Tony Ryder Figure Drawing Master Workshop 


Figure Drawing in Pencil

Form, Light and Craft

Dates: July 29-August, 2019

Hours: 10:45-5:15 p.m daily excepting weekend.

Lunch: 1:30 p.m -2:15 p.m.

This workshop was quite popular enroll to hold your spot.

BACAA Tony Ryder 2019 Registration Form (PDF) revised

One week course - an overview of basic principles and practices. 
Drawing from the live model. 
Two hour general demonstration each morning. 
Art of Drawing
Drawing is an art that integrates and coordinates various ways of seeing. At the same time, it is something we do with pencil and paper. We make the mind into an instrument of attention, and then into several more, and then we teach them to play together while we lead the pencil about on the paper in a balletic movement. 
Life Drawing
Drawing from life is patterned after the shapes of life, and the movement of life is in it. It is a way and expression of life. This life grows through practice in a supportive environment. We learn to draw by making many drawings, being in the studio, hearing the teaching, and focusing attention. 
Point, Line and Tone
We use the pencil differently at different times in the process. Long light strokes and careful curves, hatching and cross hatching. It follows the way that the mind is thinking at that stage of the drawing. The drawing progresses through various stages, and the pencil adapts to the thought process in each one.
In this approach, we begin with the block-in, the structure of the drawing, judging proportion with point to point vision. We infuse the block-in with movement and fullness, and work with it, and gradually refine it and develop it into a convex contour. In this way we make it into a containing shape into which we bring light and shadow. These we elaborate according to our sense of form and understanding of light. This process is demonstrated in class, and the principles explained and illustrated repeatedly. 
Study and Practice
The rest of the class is given over to study and practice with personal instruction. 
A highly intensive and enjoyable learning experience. A good workout! Recommended to all levels. 


Cost: $850 Summer 2019 (5 Days)
Cost: $2100 Combined Figure Drawing and Painting (15 Days)

BACAA Tony Ryder 2019 Registration Form (PDF) revised

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Figure Drawing

Combined Drawing and Painting

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