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Ted Seth Jacobs - Study Painting with the Master - A once in a life time opportunity

5 Week Master Workshop

Drawing and Painting from the live Model, Casts, And Drapery.

May 29, June 30th , 2017

Limited Concentrated small class 

Email us if you’re interested to join our workshop. 

Ecole Albert Defois

Les Cerqueux sous Passavant
49310 France 

Hours 1:00 p.m -6:00 p.m Instruction and model time

BACAA Ted Seth Jacobs Registration form (PDF)

Prospective students must fill out the registration form register prior to enrollement. 

* This workshop is geared for the independent artist and traveler. We will screen each student to be sure that its a good fit.

Housing, travel and transportation arrangements are solely the responsibility of each student. We can offer suggestions but we are not responsible for the logistics of each student. You will need a car to get around. The location of this workshop is in a rural rustic environment.  You must secure your own transportation to get around. The purpose of this workshop is to offer the opportunity to study with a world class master of art Ted Seth Jacobs.

Please email us if you’re interested to join us for this workshop.


Ecole Albert Defois Bellvue les Cerqueux Sous Passavant. France. Anjou France

Dalbe Art Stores near the Ecole Albert Defois, France

Dick Blick Online Art Supplies 

All Funds paid to BACAA are non refundable and non transferable.  
Please note housing, accomodation and transportation are the responsiblity of each student.
We can offer suggestions to the local residence that offer housing. 

Cost: $2900 Early Registration by September 30, 2016
Cost: $3150 Regular Registration after September 30, 2016

Hours: 1:00 p.m- 6:00 p.m Instruction and model time 
Ted will Demonstrate followed by students working from the model

Per Ted: “I give demos as needed, for as much time as needed. I don’t follow rigid schedules. My teaching style is organic-a response to what I feel the students most need at any given moment. There will be lots of demos, but not on a fixed schedule. Very often when I am critiquing a student’s work I see something that everyone should hear, so I ask them to gather round. After a demo or explanation, I often pick a student and ask them to explain the principle just mentioned.”

Email Us

Location of the workshop

Ecole Albert Defois
Les Cerqueux sous Passavant
49310 France

All registration fees are non refundable and non transferable. By paying online or via checks you are agreeing to the BACAA Terms and Conditions

(Payments include an extra handling fee)

US Domestic



To apply for the workshop terms and conditions must be signed on the registration form

Mail Check Payments 
BACAA 969G Edgewater Blvd #106
Foster City, CA 94404 

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