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The Buchanan Studio At BACAA

Spring Portrait Class is Full to capacity. 

Spring Tuesday life room Full to Capacity
Spring Tuesday cast class Full to Capapcity,

Open Spots Available for the Saturdays Cast Class Uninstructed.

Spring 2019 
Dates: Tuesday April 2- ending Thursday May 30, 2018 (9) consecutive Tuesdays (1) last Thursday May 30, 2019
(Two classes on the last week of class in May).

BACAA Buchanan Studio Spring 2019 (PDF) 

All begginers to Noah’s atelier at BACAA must begin in the cast studio.

Cast Studio dates. 

Cost $40 for (6) classes Buchanan Students



 Beginning students devote themselves to the tradition of Cast Drawing (the practice of drawing from Greek, Roman, Italianate, and French Academic sculpture), while focusing on drawing techniques in graphite on white paper, as well as black charcoal and white chalk on toned paper. The practice of Cast Drawing allows students to build a solid foundation in the fundamental drawing skills of Shape, Value and Form. Cast drawing will take place in The Cast Room at BACAA, which offers several different casts for students to select from. The cast room at BACAA will maintain consistent/unchanging location, positioning and lighting of the casts to help nurture accuracy in student drawings. In addition to instructed sessions, beginning students will be offered optional Saturday afternoon access to the Cast Room to further develop drawings beyond class time. 

 Intermediate students who have demonstrated strength in Cast Drawing are invited to work in the Life Room with the studio model. Models’ poses will alternate every 10 weeks between The Nude, and Portraiture. Students who are new to the Life Room start by making drawings in graphite or Charcoal from the model. 

 Repeat intermediate students are invited to begin making oil paintings from the model in Grisaille (Black and White). This stage of learning helps the student form a bridge between drawing skills and Paint Handling (all of the logistics and proficiency in using oil paint).  

 Advanced students at the Buchanan Studio are invited to paint the figure from life with a full color palette. At this stage, students are afforded the rare opportunity to study 16th and 17th century painting techniques found in the works of Caravaggio, Rubens, Van Dyck, Velásquez, and Rembrandt. This practice of painting is known as Indirect Painting, and uses underpainting techniques such as Imprimatura, Velatura, Working Glazes, and Finishing Glazes. 

 With this classical skill building approach to drawing and painting the figure, the Buchanan Studio at BACAA hopes to give students the keys to progressing beyond the classroom to making challenging figurative work with content and narrative. 

All begginers to Noah’s atelier at BACAA must begin in the cast studio.

Cast Studio dates Independant Study. 

Cost $40 for (6) classes BACAA Buchanan Students Rate

Hours: Saturdays 1:30-4:30

Noah Buchanan Demo #1

Noah Buchanan Demo #2

All begginers to the Noah’s atelier at BACAA must begin in the cast studio.

BACAA Noah Buchanan Atelier Registration form Spring 2019 (PDF)

Email registration form and pay online or via check.

All tuition fees are non refundable and non transferable

Partial Payments not accepted. All registration fees are non refundable and non transferable

We do not accept cash.

You can mail a check or cashiers check to the BACAA business address below

Registration form/Terms and conditions must be signed prior to attendance

Noah Buchanan Atelier at BACAA - Winter 2019 Now Open for Enrollment

Registration form Below

Tuesday Evenings January 22-March 26, 2019 Full to Capacity.

Spring Classes Tuesday April 2- Thursday May 30 (9) consecutive Tuesdays (1) last Thursday.

BACAA Buchanan Studio Spring 2019 (PDF)

Cost: $475.00
Cost: $450 CSM Students Please note CSM discount is only offered to brand new students of CSM at BACAA
Cost: $40 Cast Room for Noah’s Tuesday night registered Students
Cost $130 for (6) Saturday Cast Classes Non BACAA Buchanan Tuesday night Students.

April, 2019 - Regular

April, 2019 - CSM

April, 2019 - LAB

Please send cahiers checks and packets to the BACAA BUSINESS ADDRESS:

969 G Edgewater Blvd

Foster City, CA 94404



345 Quarry Rd

San Carlos, CA 94070




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