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Sunday- Sze Jones Instructor -Digital Portrait Sculpting with ZBrush 

Sundays Daytime – Instructor Sze Jones
Digital Portrait Sculpting with Zbrush

Next set of classes
 Nov 12, 19, 26 Dec 3, 10, 2017

Hours: 2:00 p.m. – 5:00 p.m.

In this five Sundays workshop, students will learn how to establish a digital portrait by using a revolutionary sculpting program, Zbrush by Pixologic.  

*Students are required to bring their personal laptop or tablet with ZBrush installed prior to class.

   • Zbrush Core (Beginner License)
   • Zbrush 4R7 (Professional License)
   • Zbrush 4R7 (Academic and Educational License)


1st Sunday: ZBrush User Interface, Brushes, Material and Lighting setup 
    • User Interface navigation, working with tablet pressure and digital pen
    • Introduction to ZBrush sculpting brushes and hotkeys setup   
    • Basic lighting setup for form sculpting 

2nd Sunday: Basic Form and Volume Block in - Base Mesh
    • Sketch form and block in volume with Dyna Mesh   
    • Establish Proportion with Move Topological brush   
    • Build form with Standard brush 
    • Add volume and mass with Clay Brush

3rd Sunday: Anatomy – Establish muscles and bony landmarks

    • Identify facial muscles and bony landmarks
    • Zbrush Sculpting - Emphasis on planes, silhouette, form and volume
    • Sculpting brushes and techniques
    • Proportion and measurement

4th Sunday: Head sculpting with Zbrush with Life Model

    • Ears and jaw regions 
    • Nose and cheeks regions
    • Lips and mouth regions
    • Define and connect muscular and bony landmarks

5th Sunday: Hair Sculpting with Zsphere with Life Model

    • Introduction to ZSphere
    • Constructing hair rig for sculpting
    • Posing and positioning hair
    • Hair sculpting and detailing


Bio: Sze Jones is a professional Artist specializes in Digital Character creation for the game and cinematic industry for 20 years. Her specializations in production are: Persona Design, portrait sculpting, facial expressions, digital hair styling, artistic supervision and workflow implementation. Sze’s career highlight include: Senior Character Artist for Crystal Dynamics, she played a key role in TressFX Hair Authoring pipeline and development for Rise of the Tomb Raider. Lead Character Artist at Naughty Dog, Sony Computer Entertainment, where she crafted cinematic quality characters for AAA games. Character modeling supervisor at Blur Studio, an award-winning visual effects production company where she implemented and managed the character modeling pipeline for eight years. Sze is passionate about teaching and merging the essence of the digital techniques and traditional disciplines. Her previous presentations and workshops include: Los Angeles Academy of Figurative Arts, Otis College of Art and Design, Gnomon School of Visual Effects, Art Institute of Los Angeles, Santa Monica College, and Siggraph. Education: Master of Arts, Bachelor of Fine Arts.

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