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Last day of Graydon Parrish Color Theory Workshop

Today Is the last day of Graydon Parrish color theory workshop. This 2 week long workshop is the tip of the iceberg when it comes to color matching and color theory. Graydon is not only highly knowledgable with color theory and color mixing but he also has extensive knowledge regarding art history and is very open to sharing his knowledge during class. We initiated the course with mixing and matching color chips from the Munsell System and progressed to arranging color wheels using the highest chroma pigments available.

Our last project is working on color cubes, we have arranged cubes to paint from, the purpose of this excercise is to put into practice all the knowledge that we have gained in the past 2 weeks of class. We have also covered topics such as bracketing, and using the Graydon System for 3 Columns for Perfect Color Mixing or 3CPCP as he likes to call it. Bacaa has provided a wonderful warm experience at the school with breakfast foods, coffee, and a wide open space with large windows that give ample lighting to work from.

Until next year!
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Graydon Parrish Color Theory Workshop, Week 1

We are ending the first week of Graydon parishes color theory workshop here at h It has been a fantastic week learning from  Graydon. His knowledge of color mixing and the Munsell system makes him an invaluable instructor to study the complex intricacies of hue, value, chroma.

There is one week to go and we have much ground to cover before the workshop ends!