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Linda Dulaney Figure Painting France workshop 2017






Stephen Early 5 day Figure Painting Workshop Oct, 2016

Last day of our workshop with Steve it was a great group of very serious but fun students.


Last day of Graydon Parrish Color Theory Workshop

Today Is the last day of Graydon Parrish color theory workshop. This 2 week long workshop is the tip of the iceberg when it comes to color matching and color theory. Graydon is not only highly knowledgable with color theory and color mixing but he also has extensive knowledge regarding art history and is very open to sharing his knowledge during class. We initiated the course with mixing and matching color chips from the Munsell System and progressed to arranging color wheels using the highest chroma pigments available.

Our last project is working on color cubes, we have arranged cubes to paint from, the purpose of this excercise is to put into practice all the knowledge that we have gained in the past 2 weeks of class. We have also covered topics such as bracketing, and using the Graydon System for 3 Columns for Perfect Color Mixing or 3CPCP as he likes to call it. Bacaa has provided a wonderful warm experience at the school with breakfast foods, coffee, and a wide open space with large windows that give ample lighting to work from.

Until next year!
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Final days of Graydon Parrish Color Theory Workshop

We are now winding down on the last 2 days of Graydon Parrishes Color Theory workshop. Graydon is only available teaching color theory in California through Before this class I took many workshops and privately studied under multiple painters to gain a grasp on color composition and color thoery arrangement. The vague answers I would recieve regarding the arrangement of colors drove me to find a more organized method of mixing color accurately. With Graydons class I am now able to mix color confidently! and even mix colors that are close to the nuetral low chroma grays. The greys are an extremeley important color to be able to mix.

Remember, Its always Hue, Value and Chroma.



Graydon Parrish Color Theory Workshop, Week 1

We are ending the first week of Graydon parishes color theory workshop here at h It has been a fantastic week learning from  Graydon. His knowledge of color mixing and the Munsell system makes him an invaluable instructor to study the complex intricacies of hue, value, chroma.

There is one week to go and we have much ground to cover before the workshop ends!




Notes from the Loire

Our workshop with Ted Seth Jacobs has just ended, we are all leaving with memories of the long days, walks to the studio, excellent food and wine, and a confidence that our skills have “progressed to the next level” (as Ted would say.)

There were many highlights, here are a few: the gardens of Villandry, days and days of intensive life drawing with instruction, a dinner in Saumur, Ted’s fantastic demos, and a visit to his house and private tour of his art collection.









BACAA Artistic Immersion in the Loire Valley! 

Hello from Les Cerquex Sous Passavant, where we are entering our final week of an immersive workshop with master Ted Seth Jacobs. Ted is an incredible resource, teaching a combination of structural understanding and painting technique that is beyond compare. Because our group is small, we have been able to absorb individual instruction daily. Our lovely model, has provided inspiration in Ted’s north lit school. The history of the artists who have studied with Ted, and the depth of what they learned, has inspired us all to reach another level in our work. 

We have also gotten to experience the pleasures of the Loire Valley, an area rich in artistic and cultural history. We had a group dinner in Samaur, ate snails, explored castles and gardens, and saw the first complete show of Velazquez in Paris, at the Royal Palais. We will never foget visiting Ted’s house and seeing his painted walls. For all of the student’s, it’s been an experience that will inspire our work for a long time to come. 

We will be sad to go, this is a paradise on Earth. Until next year! 



Finalist Haggin Museum Stockton Ca Portrait of Ana-sold


Solo Show PAI Museum Burlingame CA March 27-April 26


Finilist Triton Museum Portrait December 2014 of Matt