Important Art Books from other sources


The Dictionary of Human Form
by Ted Seth Jacobs
Mariposa Press, 2010

The Dictionary of Human Form equips the figurative artist with vitally important information about human structure. Structure is a completely different subject from anatomy. Rather than what we don’t see beneath the skin, structure analyses what we see, the organisation and appearance of the organic surface, how the body is made and the effects of its different actions. The body is complex and the subject is vast. It could be said that if you wish to ”speak” about the body, structure is your vocabulary. To represent the body convincingly, you will need to develop a structural way of seeing and understanding it.



Controlling the Creative Process
A Painter’s Guide to Methods & Materials

by Justin Hess, 2011 

“Controlling the Creative Process” is a painter’s guide that offers step by step photographic demonstrations and instruction on the preparation of oil paint, canvases, and frames using traditional methods and materials. 
At 130 pages, with more than 200 color photos illustrating every stage of the process, this book is one to have by your side, in the studio, or at home in your private collection.
A 100% natural cotton hard cover, with dust jacket, protects the highest quality archival ProLine uncoated photographic paper, that will be sure to keep your paintings company as they stand the test of time together.
Controlling the Creative Process is also available as an ebook for iBooks app on the iPad, iPhone & iPod touch for busy painters on the go.